What Is the Governing Board?

a group of young people sitting in a gym around a card game. one person is explaining the rules and others are listening.

GB Member Chelsea Paulson showing DYP (NYLN’s NC partner) members how to play a game

The Governing Board (GB) is the governing body for NYLN. This means the GB makes decisions for NYLN.

All GB Members:
• Are between 16 and 28 years old;
• Have a disability;
• Have experience as leaders;
• Believe in full-inclusion; and
• Practice disability pride.

The GB is responsible for:
• Deciding what is important to NYLN and what kinds of things NYLN should work towards.
• Listening to NYLN members and addressing concerns that are raised. purple, orange, green and blue hands raised in the air like they are trying to reach the sky

• Working with staff and NYLN members to carry out NYLN activities.
• Serving on a committee.
• Leading trainings.
• Representing NYLN at events and meetings.