Disability Art

1. AxisDance is a dance ensemble of dancers with and without disabilities. They create incredible productions that highlight disabled and non-disabled dancers moving together. You can see clips of some of their performances on their website.

2. Artists with Disabilities Oral History Project is an oral history collection at UC Berkeley. It has stories, interviews, and performance footage of some well-known artists with disabilites.

3. disThis! Film Series is a project of the Disabilities Network of New York City. disThis! is an ongoing film series. Every month they screen movies that are related to the disability experience. Screenings are followed by “talk backs” where audience members can talk about the film with filmmakers, artists, and other guests.

4. Jim Ferris is a disabled poet and disability studies scholar. He wrote a book of poetry called The Hospital Poems. It is about his childhood experiences of having a disability. Poems from his book can be found here

5. The GIMP Project is a performance project that challenges ideas people have about disability. They have a few videos of their work online.

6. Kenny Fries is a disabled, gay, Jewish poet. His work is powerful, especially his book Anesthesia and My Body Remembers.

7. Krip Hop is Hip-Hop created by artists with disabilities. The a term “Krip Hop” was coined by disabled artist and activist, Leroy Moore. He felt like Black artists with disabilities were not represented in the music industry. He started to compile music created by disabled Hip-Hop artists. The project grew and became know as Krip Hop nation.

8. Laura Hershey is a disabled activist, writer, poet, and speaker. On her website, you can find links to some of her poetry and online articles.

9. Lynn Manning is a black, blind poet, playwright and and former Blind Judo Champion of the world. Some of his work is available online.

10. Sins Invalid is a performance group that centralizes work by performance artists who are disabled, queer, and people of color. They focus on sexuality, disability, and beauty. They have a few videos of their work online.

11. VSA Arts is an international organization that creates opportunities for disabled people to create all forms of art. They also promote the works of disabled artists.

12. Webby Talents is a website where people can upload videos of their work. It features works by mostly lesser know artists with disabilities. Artists from all over the world post videos.