Free Tools

1. is a free service that allows people who register to have a free conference call line for their group to have phone meetings. This makes it so that more than 2 people can talk on a phone. It is not toll-free so people must be able to make national calls. However, most cell phones do this already. It also has a cool feature where you can record the call.

2. is a free service that allows you to stream from your computer. A group of people can watch your video live and type responses to you in a chatroom below the video

3. and are two free services that can both help a group of people figure out what time to meet. It sends out one email with a bunch of times listed. Each person fills in what time they can meet. After everyone has filled it out, it lets the coordinator who called for the meeting see when people are available in a chart form.

4. is a free web-based online chatroom. People do not have to register to sign up, you just give them the link and they can meet you there. It is accessible to screenreaders.

5. is a free web-based online chatroom with video capabilities. This means that a group of people can video chat for free. Only the coordinator has to create an account, everyone else can just visit the link the coordinator sends out.

6. and are two free blog sites that are screenreader friendly. You can create a group blog where multiple people can write. The blog can be private or public. Blogging can be a way for an individual to express their thoughts. A group/organization blog that is updated often and lets people feel connected to you is a good way to build an organizational following.

7. Skype Sharecreen. Skype is a program people use to video chat, instant message and make calls. They recently came out with a feature that lets you see the other person’s computer screen. This is helpful if you want to look at something on the computer together but are not in the same location.

8. Google Documents is an online program that lets multiple people share a document instead of emailing it back and forth. It is great because people can watch each other type live on it. There is also a chat box in the corner.

9. Chip-In is a website that you can use to fundraise. It lets you make a website and tracks how many people donate to you through paypal so everyone knows where you are on your fundraising goal.  The Point and Kickstarter are two other sites.

10. Paypal is an online banking program that lets people transfer money and buy/sell things online. If you want to accept donations online, it is pretty much a must.

10. Blog Talk Radio is an online program that allows you to create an online radio show via the phone and internet. If done right, this can be a way to reach thousands of people with your message.

11. Free Tools for Teachers A website that has hundreds of links to worksheet generators, award forms, calendars, attendance sheets, and more. This can be a helpful tool for youth workers.

12. Flickr Creative Commons Search is one of the advanced searches on flickr. Often times it can be hard to find pictures on the internet that you can use without buying or tracking down the photographer. This search has millions of pictures and have been approved by the photographers to be used by others. Stoc exchange is also a free stock picture website with tons of pictures you can use.

13. MeetUp is a website where groups of people can find others who share their same interests. If you are starting a group, this a good place to list it. People can also RSVP and talk to each other through the site.

14. ReadyTalk Webinars is a series of online presentations that cover a wide range of topics that team leaders, small business owners, and activists can learn a lot from. Some of these topics include how to host a webinar, be a mentor, and do marketing through facebook. The webinars are free although they do a 10 minute pitch at the end of the call to talk about their webinar software. There are over 50 archived presentations and about 2 live ones that happen weekly.

15. Wiggio is a new tool NYLN just came across. We LOVE it because it’s great for people with executive functioning [planning/ processing] disabilities. You can plan conference calls, email groups, send mass text messages and more from it. It’s perfect for anyone who chairs a committee.

16. Best Colleges is a great site for those looking into post-secondary education. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, over 700,000 college students – or 3.5% – have some type of disability. Disabled students may face unique challenges, but they are entitled to the same quality of education as all students. Our guide walks readers with both physical and learning disabilities through their legal rights, where to find assistance on campus, and provides an extensive list of websites, apps and software resources designed for students’ specific needs.