Disability Identity

1. The Azolla Story is a closed online community for queer disabled people of color. They do a lot of writing together and have conference calls to talk to each other. To ask for an invitation, email Stacey at stacey.milbern@gmail.com

2. Eli Clare is a writer and speaker. His work focuses on identity as a white disabled transgender man from a rural community. A lot of his writing is available online at his website. His publisher, homofactus press, also has put his books online for people who do not have financial access to buy them.

3. Forward / FWD is an online blog run by a group of feminists with disabilities. They post often and write a lot about their experiences as disabled people.

4. It’s Our Story is an online video archive of disabled people’s stories. They travelled the country interviewing over a thousand disability leaders.

5. Mouth Magazine is a disability rights magazine with articles about all kinds of subjects.

6. My Body Politic is a book by Simi Linton that tells her story of how she became involved in the disability community. She talks about what it meant to be an able-bodied anti-war activist in the 1970s and how that changed when she acquired a disability.

7. Ragged Edge was a magazine run by disabled people. It is no longer in print but a lot of their available online. Many of their articles about identity.

8. Reflecting on Frida Kahlo’s Birthday is a blog post by Mia Mingus reflecting on what it means to be politically disabled. In it, she talks about how and why people do or do not identify politically as disabled.

9. Society for Disability Studies is an association of scholars who write about disability. They have an annual conference and an active online network. Membership for students and low-income people is $30 a year.