Disability Pride

1. Disability Art and Culture Project is a performance project in Portland Oregon that works to bring visibility to disabled people. They have an annual festival every year to high disability art and culture. They also teach dance to young people with disabilities.

2. The Disability Pride Parade started in Chicago, IL and now takes place in other cities during the month of July. Thousands of people participate every year.

3. “Disability Pride is to Me…” is a youtube video by the Michigan Disability Rights Coalition. It talks about what disability pride means. A lot of the people interviewed in the video talk about what disability pride means politically and personally.

4. MadPride events are hosted by MindFreedom, an international human rights organization that focuses on the mental health system. They have Mad Pride events every year and have been changing the conversation on mental health.

5. You Get Proud by Practicing is a poem by disability activist Laura Hershey. It talks about how pride doesn’t come easy sometimes and we have to remind ourselves what makes us such fierce people.