Often times, youth with disabilities cannot find information they are looking for on sexuality like their peers. When people do write resources on sex and disability, it is often for parents and written by people who do not have disabilities. We want youth to have the information they need to make good decisions and have the relationships they want.

1. Amplify Your Voice is a youth run group blog. It focuses on all kinds of information and often talks about sexuality, gender, and more. a couple reading a map together and being affectionate

2. Ask Alice! is a website run by Columbia University. It is a Health Question and Answer service. Youth can write them questions and they will post it online with answers. The questions can be about anything.

3. Being Gay Is OK! is a website for youth who think they might be gay, lesbian, or bisexual. It covers all kinds of things, like how to take care of your self, deal with bullies, talk to others, and more. They even have a place where you can ask them questions you have about being gay.

4. BENT was an online magazine run by gay disabled men. They stopped writing in 2007 but have all their issues online.

5. Come As You Are is online store that sells sex toys and other things to make sex even better. They have done a lot of work on being inclusive to people with disabilities. They have a whole page of information about how to find sex toys that are accessible to you.  Some people are embarrassed to try sex toys but they can really make things easier for some people with disabilities. They have a physical location in Toronto, Canada.

6. Deaf Queer Resource Center is a national organization of Deaf gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) folks. They have video recordings of people telling their coming out stories, a scholarship fund, and information that will be helpful to Deaf GLBT youth.

7. Fierce Youth Reclaiming and Empowering (FYRE) is a GLBT youth group in Atlanta, GA. They recently put out a 100+ page electronic zine that you can download from their website. The zine is very thorough. They have a section on disability.

8. Scarleteen is an independent, grassroots sexuality education and support organization and website. Their website is geared for young women ages 15-25 years old. They have a lot of information but sometimes their words are hard to understand. a gay couple hugging each other.

9. Sex, Etc. is a great website for youth, by youth. It focuses on making sure youth can find all the information they are looking for about good, safe sex, bodies, relationships and more.

10. Sexuality and People with Intellectual, Developmental and Other Disabilities is a special issue of the publication Impact. Its articles cover topics ranging from sexuality education in the home and school, to personal stories of dating and marriage, to legal and ethical issues for staff and agencies providing services for people with disabilities. It is written for people with disabilities, family members and professionals.

11. Sexuality and Persons with Disabilities is a page of information for parents and young people with disabilities. It offers information to parents about talking to young people about sexuality. It also lists a few tips for young people about how to foster relationships.

12. Sexuality and U is website for teachers, parents, teens and others. They have sexual health presentations people can download and teach. They have a lot of information for people with disabilities.

13. Susan’s Sex Support Site is a website run by a disability rights activist. She has an online chat feature and runs the message board.

14. Teen Talk is a website by Planned Parenthood, an organization that works to make sure women have access to reproductive health resources. Teen Talk has articles on birth control, STDs, and more.

15. The Men’s Story is a performance project that focuses on challenging society’s ideas about masculinity. Masculinity can be a part of people’s gender identity.

16. The National Sexuality Resource Center is an organization that focuses on “sexual literacy.”[having the words to talk about our bodies and sexual selves.] They have done a lot of work on sex and disability. To find out what they say about disability, visit their website and click “Issues”. two women reading a book together.

17. The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability by Miriam Kaufman, Cory Silverberg, & Fran Odette is a book that disabled people often recommend to other disabled people. It is very thorough! You can find it online for $12.

18. Tips for Dating Safely is a list of tips to keep you safe when dating. It was created by a youth organization called Three Rivers Youth.

19. This Is How We Do It: Disability, Dating and Sex
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