Reap What You Sow Curriculum and Trainings

the reap you sow logo. it says reap what you sow in block letters and has leaves and green ringlets sprouting out from the topNYLN is excited to unveil our new curriculum.  It is called Reap What You Sow: Harvesting Support Systems. A curriculum is a set of learning activities to teach a group of people something. The Reap What You Sow curriculum teaches people how to build a support system that promotes their personal power.  Our curriculum was created by disabled youth educators and supported by adult allies. It is designed for youth with disabilities, family members, and allies.

We believe that if youth with disabilities and their families come together, we can all learn how to build great, interdependent support systems. Our idea of ‘family’ and ‘support system’ is broad: it includes people we may be related to or it may be people we choose. Many of us learn to follow our desires by building a support system that works to help us have a voice and make our own choices. We want to teach other young people how to create these support systems, too.

The curriculum comes in three parts: Looking at the Lay of the Land, Discovering What You Want to Plant, and Planting the Seeds to Grow Support Systems.

This curriculum takes approximately 25 total hours to complete. It can be completed over several months or in several days. It is entirely hands-on and interactive. It consists of group activities such as role-plays, videos, group brainstorming and discussion, games, art exercises, and more. We see family groups, youth groups, faith-based groups, classrooms, after-school programs, summer camps, and training sessions as just a few places that will be able use this curriculum.

We ask that facilitators interested in leading the curriculum work with NYLN to be certified to implement it. Certification includes participating in the curriculum, learning how to organize accessible spaces, and being trained in popular education. Certification includes possibilities for continued education credits.

To view sample tools, please download our information packet.

RWYS Informational Packet

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