Speakers Bureau

yellow red and blue hands raised in the airNYLN is in the process of developing a speaker’s bureau [group] of people we know to be amazing facilitators. We understand the importance of having a good speaker or facilitator. We are very selective about choosing speakers and strongly vouch for anyone we connect you with. All of our speakers in our bureau are great facilitators and trained in popular education, youth voice, and anti-ableism work. Continue to check this site to see who is featured. Contact us, and we will put you in touch with them. We request that speakers are paid independently for sharing their facilitation skills.

We also have many young people who know a lot about disability policy and issues affecting young people with disabilities. Because we are contacted a lot by adult allies looking for disabled youth leaders to sit on committees, we keep a list of people who are great as this as well. Usually our consultants do not charge a fee, but if other guest speakers are being paid, we ask that the youth experts be paid as well.

We will unveil our featured speakers in a few weeks…